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Press Release: May 2016




The North Chatham United Methodist Church has a number of events coming up. Starting May 7th the Clothing Barn will be open from 9:30-12:30, every Saturday through the middle of October. This is a great opportunity to pick up “gently used” clothing & shoes (for children and adults) at bargain prices.


On Friday, May 20th, we will have our 59th annual Filet Mignon Steak Supper. The menu includes an 8 oz. Prime filet cooked to order, baked potato, mixed vegetables, coleslaw, rolls, relish tray, and homemade desserts. Tickets are $17.00 in advance or $19.00 at the door. New this year is a vegetarian Lasagna option for $13.00, which MUST be ordered in advance. Continuous seating is available from 5:00 to 7:00, with takeouts available starting at 5:30. Tickets can be purchased at Mario’s Home Center in Valatie, R & D Deli in Niverville, or from church members. Please call 766-4097 or 423-9061 for additional ticket information.


The barn will be open for accepting auction donations from 9:30 to noon on Saturday mornings, also starting May 7th. Mark your calendar for our smoked chicken barbecue on June 11th!


The church is located at 4274 Route 203 in the hamlet of North Chatham.  For more information on these events, worship services or other church activities, please call 766-3535 or visit our website ( We hope to see you soon!



Have you ever just sat down with someone and felt comfortable right away?  That was how it was when I met with the people from the North Chatham United Methodist Church.  And I don’t say members of the “congregation” of the church for a reason.  The people I met were not all members of the congregation.  Some were, but I also met a community member of a different faith who was setting up for the church fundraiser, The Lord’s Acre Auction and Sale, and I met with a member of the Wesley United Methodist Church of Malden Bridge.  You see, the “boundaries’ of the North Chatham United Methodist Church really extend beyond church members, beyond the community, and beyond faith.The church has a rich history and is working toward building a strong future with a growing group of caring people.

The North Chatham United Methodist Church started in the 1820s, and the Wesley United Methodist Church at Malden Bridge, started in the 1830s, have historically worked together at various times.  Whenever there was a need, the congregations would join together – helping with fundraisers or various causes, worshiping and celebrating together.  Now they are planning to formally join together.  While it is not yet official, the churches have begun making plans to merge the two congregations into one.  Many of the members feel honored to be joining together.  And while it means big changes for the Wesley members, both churches feel it’s the right move, a move toward the future.  And the future is something the North Chatham United Methodist Church has been considering, it wants to not only survive, but to thrive and grow.

North Chatham United Methodist Church thrives by following the United Methodist Church’s logo:“Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.”  They welcome all people and they help all people regardless of race, sexual orientation, even faith.  All are welcome and anyone in need is helped.

Wayne Shelton shared his story.  He’d moved to North Chatham and had been living there only six months when he became seriously ill.  He had not been a member of the church.  He just lived on the main street in North Chatham.  Word got back to the members of the church about Wayne’s condition.  Members of the church were very supportive.The Pastor talked to him daily.The caring support Wayne received was the main reason he joined the church.  He wanted to give back.  He added, “My story is not unique.”  People who have lost their homes to fire, or people who have become ill, or even new parents – anyone who could use a helping hand – can find it through the people of the North Chatham United Methodist Church.  They hear about the community members and then as a church they say, “Let’s do __________” and they do it.

Their caring reaches beyond North Chatham – way beyond.  With money raised mainly by the Sunday School, the North Chatham United Methodist Church participates in the International Heifer Project.  The money raised goes toward buying farm animals for Third World countries. An “Ark” costing $5,000 is a combination of different kinds of farm animals purchased for one village.So far, the North Chatham United Methodist Church has donated two Arks and is more than halfway through raising money toward a third Ark.

North Chatham United Methodist Church also holds “Mission Possible” every June.”Mission Possible” is a craft fair held specifically to raise money for mission projects.  All the proceeds, every dime, go toward mission projects.  The first Mission Possible, held in 2004 raised money to send two members to Mozambique.

One of the biggest fundraisers – or as North Chatham United Methodist Church writes it – “fun(d) raiser” – is the Lord’s Acre Auction and Sale, started way back in 1949.  Paul Herrington, who along with his family is a driving force behind the huge auction and sale explains about its history:  “It was supposed to be a one time event to raise money for improving the kitchen at the church.  But once it started, it never stopped.”  All members of the community get involved – not just church members.  People come from miles around to participate in the tag sale and auction.

There is also a Filet Mignon Dinner fundraiser every May, but the church and its members also share lots of events just to have fun.  Throughout the year they hold community dinners – free of charge.  It’s a time of fellowship and fun.

Then there’s the annual Talent Show.  Church member Carol Desmond joked, “It’s our version of March Madness.”  Started ten years ago as a way to have a little fun, the show has all kinds of performances:  poetry recitation, jokes, songs, skits and most recently, the show took on the format of a radio show theme complete with commercials, which poked fun at the close-knit community.

Each year at Christmas time, the United Methodist Women of both congregations gather for an evening of holiday fun.  Wesley of Malden Bridge congregation member Elizabeth Hurley smiled as she shared, “The Pastor is an honorary member of the United Methodist Women.

Speaking of Christmas, anyone who has driven down Rt 203 when North Chatham is in the midst of the Christmas Eve celebration knows the beauty of luminaries lining the street and carolers going door to door.  It’s a sight to behold!

The Clothing Barn is a way to raise money AND help the community at the same time.  Open on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month, May through September, the Clothing Barn has some really great buys on gently used clothes.  The members assure me it’s “the fashion plate of the community.”  The Clothing Barn has also provided clothes for families who have lost clothes in a home fire or are otherwise in need of clothing.

At the heart of it all is fellowship.  Every Sunday there is Sunday School for the kids and Adult Bible Study, both of which start at 9:45 a.m.  In the upstairs sanctuary, filled with beautiful bright stained glass windows, Sunday Worship begins at 11:00 a.m. That’s where you’ll hear organist Mabel Irish, who I’m told “can really make that organ sing!”  All are welcome to come for worship or any of the fun activities they share.  For more information call 766-3535.

Excerpt from:
Hudson River Sampler(CC)
October 2007
By:Mindy Potts