Greta White (2019)

Jeff Chaput (2019)

Carl Chapman (2019)

Suzannah White (2018)

Carole Hatfield (2018)

Andy Tillman (2018)

Tom Mitchison (2017)

Frank Marshall (2017 2nd term)

Carol Morley (2017)

Trustee Report 9-18-2016

  1. Church Painting – going along on schedule south side first. They will be putting vent holes in the plexiglass outside upper stained glass windows as per advice of our window expert. Also, the spot lights on the altar window will be replace and adjusted, using painter lift.
  2. We have signed a contract with Niki Fix for kitchen cleaning twice a year, before the steak supper and auction. $15/hr. not to exceed 8 hr. each. There are new directions in the kitchen about needed clean-up after using.
  3. Family Resource Center – will be moving to the Martin Van Buren School (Art Gallery). They will be picking up their equipment.
  4. Fall clean-up will be Nov. 5th. Susannah is investigating having SUNY student volunteers to help.
  5. We were asked for a Long Range Plan. We talked about the Church’s needs (if we had the money). Made a list and investigated prices for each project. With this information we made a priorities list, and each Trustee chose those that seemed most important to them.
    1. Painting the church – no votes all ready recognized
    2. Repairing the Belfry – no votes all ready recognized

All others in order

  1. Insulation under front hall stairs
  2. Heating  system
  3. Stair – chair lift
  4. Fire escape from choir loft
  5. Crawl space insulation
  6. Clothing barn addition
  7. Solar Panels
  8. Outer – wall insulation

7 of 9 Trustees filled out the questionnaire

Andy’s Trustees Report on Belfry and Jane Rendell Playground

1)     The Belfry Project – The trustees put the Belfry Project out to bid to 5 contractors with the plans and specifications prepared by the architect.  We receive back two bits. One bid for $99,000 and the other $182,000.  It have been decided the specifications rewrite.  Andy, the architect, and with input from David Cavagnaro are in the process of a rewriting of the specifications.  The trustee will be putting the project out to rebid as soon as this is done.

2)     Jane Rendell Playground – The new turbo slide has been installed and safety issues have been address and take care of. Cost for the new turbo side and installation were covered by funds from the Memorials Committee and the rest of the cost was cover by two generous donors. Playground project is complete.