The Ministries of North Chatham United Methodist Church

We are the ministers of North Chatham United Methodist Church. Our ministries are varied. Sometimes we do God’s work as individuals and other times we all work together. But we all strive to live by the words of John Wesley the founder of Methodism-

“Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.”

The ministries of North Chatham United Methodist Church include:

  • Donating yards of hair to ‘Locks of Love’ to make wigs for children who have not hair of their own
  • Mailing used sneakers to Nike so they can be recycled instead of filling up landfills
  • Donating money to a former Peace Corp volunteer who served in Lesotho, Africa so that she can create a sustainable farming project to provide food to 93 orphans who she fell in love with while in their country
  • Expanding our Christmas caroling circuit when a long time church member moved to a nursing home. Now she and the other member of her community are treated to this music ministry.
  • Being a pen pal to a man who is an inmate in a NYS prison and supporting his prison ministry
  • Providing mittens and hats to keep inner city children warm in Albany
  • Feeding the hungry in our community through food and monetary donations to food pantries
  • Striving to end world hunger by supporting the Heifer Project International
  • Visiting friends and family in hospitals and nursing homes and offering our support to new friends
  • Hosting field trips to a state park for inner city youth served by the Albany United Methodist Society
  • Treating nursing home residents, hospital patients, and shut-ins with a visit accompanied by a certified therapy dog
  • Sponsoring refugee families from Bosnia and helping them adjust to life in their new country
  • Raising money through a bake sale and a talent show to help the Haitian earthquake victims
  • Donating use of our space to 4-H and Family Resources of Columbia Country so that they do their important work
  • Raising money through the Clothing Barn and Mission Possible to support missions.  Also the Clothing Barn makes high quality and fairly priced clothes available to the community.
  • Making rag dolls to send to children in need around the world
  • Going on domestic and international missions