Lord’s Acre Auction 2016 Wrap-up

Another Lord’s Acre Auction and Sale has come & gone. The day started cold but ended up being pretty spectacular weather-wise, much better than the last 2 years. While we did not make as much money as we have the past few years, the bottom line total is still pretty impressive and prior to 2013 it would have been one of our best (if not THE best) years ever.

Let’s be proud of what we accomplished!

By the time you read this, our cleanup should be mostly (if not completely) done. Once again this year we donated a lot of unsold merchandise to various charities and a big thank you goes to Ed Gardner for his efforts to make that happen.   As is our custom, we would prefer to not have donations dropped off during the winter unless it cannot be avoided. It’s nice to “have the winter off” from auction work, and not have a huge pile of “stuff” to deal with next spring. As always, please DO NOT leave donations outside the barn – if you do not have a barn key, please contact someone who does so they can let you in. Finally, a huge THANK YOU goes out to all those who have helped make this event happen. It takes a lot of work by a lot of people and your efforts are greatly appreciated.

God is Good! (Start planning for Auction 2017!)

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