Auction Donations Guidelines

Auction Donations – What We Like, What We Can’t Take


Due to the cost of disposal, lack of demand, etc. there are a number of items that we no longer accept. We ask your cooperation in not soliciting, accepting or donating the items listed below. We will soon have on our website a list of outlets that may take items we do not want.


Alpine skis or boots                                                       Furniture that is worn or damaged

Anything related to tobacco or firearms                         Highchairs

Anything that broken or missing parts or pieces           Ironing boards

Aerosol products, solvents, opened cans of paint                   Large appliances

Large air conditioners                                                    Large microwave ovens

Artificial Christmas trees                                                         Luggage

Barbells and weights                                                      Mattresses, box or metal springs

Batteries                                                                         Office furniture or equipment

Bowling balls                                                                 Particle board furniture

Building materials          (new or used)                                    Pesticides or solvents

Cassette tapes                                                                Playpens

Child car seats                                                                Records (older)

Christmas tree stands                                                     Strollers

Computers or related equipment                                    Televisions

Cribs                                                                              Tires or rims

Crutches                                                                         Toilets

Curtain rods and blinds                                                 Typewriters

Entertainment consoles                                                  Video tapes

Exercise equipment or machines                                    Wet, soiled or torn clothing


Here is what we like, if working and ready to use. This list is by no means exhaustive – if you have a question, please call ahead (766-3535). If you have a large amount of stuff to donate, please call ahead so we can be prepared.


Clean clothing (not soiled or “smoky”)                          Housewares

Children’s games (if complete)                                                Toys

Books                                                                                      Linens, sheets, towels

Small rugs (clean, no tears or frays)                               Small electrical items

Lamps                                                                            Tables & chairs

Dressers, book shelves                                                   Bicycles

Jewelry                                                                           Bed frames (if complete)

CD’s and DVD’s                                                           33 and 78 rpm records

1970’s records                                                               Vacuums cleaners

Musical instruments                                                       Stereo equipment

Artwork                                                                         Tools

China and nice dishware                                                          Holiday items


Thanks for your consideration!